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Shameless Self-Promotion Time! (Again!)

Well it seems my new humor book, Back the F*CK Up! Wild Animals that Don’t Give a Shit! is available for purchase on bookshelves and the internet! Wa-hey! Time for celebration! Go out and buy one! You know you want to!

Or do you? Of course you do! It’s not a very difficult decision to make! It’s not overly expensive and it wouldn’t use up much space in your home. Hell, if you’re interested, but for some reason dislike me (well then, you are really on the wrong website right now) you could always buy a used copy and guaranteeing that I don’t get a single penny from you, but still keep the economy rolling! Win-Win! Although I think, at this point, new copies are cheaper than used copies so maybe it’s Lose-Lose. Regardless, now you know!

Okay, now for some housekeeping. As frequent visitors might have noticed, I have left the Kony post up for a very long time. I took an unprecedented 2 month sabbatical. I deeply apologize to anyone who was disappointed or otherwise upset by this. However, I’m back now and ready to kick summer into gear by doing a lot of posting, expect something up here every week, around this time!

Until the next! BUY MY BOOK! Please.

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So… Into the Abyss that is the Internet! … Properly!

Hello World!

Yes, very cheesy. I have decided to use the default title that WordPress gives bloggers when they first start a blog as a way to start my very first post. It is also correct to realize that this is in fact, my first blog.

For those of you who know who I am, it would seem like an oddity to you. For those of you who don’t. Hello! My name is Danny Vittore and I am a contributor to CRACKED, Game Breakers and the Author of Back the F*CK Up! which you can pre-order on Amazon right now! As one can infer, I have a reasonable presence on the internet. Also, don’t worry, I won’t be constantly plugging my work like this (but seriously, buy it, it has pretty pictures AND color AND reasonably funny writing by me!), but I thought I should, for once.

Well, it’s getting late where I am so I’m going to call it a day on my first blog post. I’ll try to update this with my many musings on many subjects and whatever else I feel is worthy to go on a blog. Please be patient, I am a college student, I have many obligations that are not related to the internet.

Well, at least that’s what I like to tell myself.

Till next time! Toodles!

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