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I Hate Writing and So Do You (Probably)

Danny enthuses upon us a rant about writing and language. He also wants you to buy his new book, because he’s a greedy SOB.

Writing is horrid. It might sound fanciful, hilarious even, to hear a writer/blogger say that he hates writing, but that’s exactly whats happening right now. Well then, at this very moment you must be thinking, “Well Danny, why don’t you just stop and do something else like cliff jumping?” and my answer to that thought is ‘No, because cliff jumping is for assholes who can’t quite decide if they want to commit suicide yet and so they let the water/rocks decide for them, But I digress.’

However, that is an extremely valid point. If I really hate it, why do I still keep doing it? And to understand that quandary, you have to understand how I got to this point. I’ve never had any opinion on the matter until very recently, when my mother mentioned to me of a girl in the newspaper whose from China and spoke extremely fluent English and Chinese and who also got into Columbia University. Apparently she does all matter of things you would expect a talented young female going to the Ivy League to do like being part of a Youth Council of something or another and having won such and such competition and she likes writing. Continue reading

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