This is a blog by Danny Vittore. Danny is currently a rising junior at NYU and therefore is quite busy with all his commitments. However, Danny posts here as often as he can, whenever that is.

If you just can’t get enough of Danny, check him out on CRACKED.com or Attack of the Fan Boy or even buy his book! Also follow him on Twitter, he’s apparently starting to feel lonely there.

On this blog you will find random snippets of writings that Danny deems is worthy for the public to read about be it about a worldwide event, a film, a video game or just some random gibberish.

Do realize that he is very opinionated and his opinions aren’t always the most… mainstream. That doesn’t make him a hipster though, hipsters are just weird.

Please don’t lambaste him about his opinions (okay maybe a little), we are all free to have our own opinions. We don’t want someone making an opinion on an opinion that Danny made, forcing him to make an opinion of the opinion and leading to a never-ending death spiral that will lead to the destruction of the planet as we know it.

No Opinception, Please!

Thank you and have a pleasant day (or night, depending on when you are reading this).


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